Webinar: Affordable Learning Solutions for U.S. History

Posted by Rob Reynolds on Feb 19, 2018 12:48:03 PM
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While interest in OER and affordable learning materials continues to grow, there are fewer complete textbook solutions available for humanities disciplines than exist for courses in the social sciences or STEM. In this webinar TEL Library’s Chief Librarian, Stacy Zemke, and Executive Director Rob Reynolds discuss TEL Library’s focus on openly licensed content for humanities courses and, more specifically, for U.S. History.

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Webinar Outline

1. Introduction to TEL Library and our mission

2. TEL Library’s products and content development process

  • Building courses as part of an integrated curriculum
  • Using a Stackable LessonsTM software model for developing content
  • TEL Library’s learning progression model
  • TEL Library’s lesson design template

3. On overview of OER for U.S. History

4. What you need to know about content licensing

5. Planning the Content for TEL Library’s U.S. History 1 (through 1877) Mediabook

6. A look inside a U.S. History 1 lesson (with images)

  • Creative Commons licensing
  • TEL Library’s license and how you can use/modify/reuse our content



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